"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." - Eleanor Roosevelt

A  group of 4 like-minded lawyers had a dream to set up a boutique practice to serve insurers’ legal needs.

Our goal was to provide a family friendly work environment while providing top-notch legal services to the insurance industry and forging strong ties with our clients.

This dream became reality in the year 2006 when we came together to form United Legal Alliance LLC (ULALLC). As a boutique practice, our focus is on Insurance Law, Civil Litigation and Mediation. We have come a long way since then and reached the milestone of 10 years in August 2016.

Our areas of practice include:

  1. Personal Injury Motor Accident ("PIMA") and Non-injury Motor Accident ("NIMA") actions;
  2. Work Injury Compensation claims, both under common law and under the Work Injury Compensation Act;
  3. General Insurance Matters, such as:
    1. Public Liability claims;
    2. Product Liability claims;
    3. Contractor’s All Risk claims;
    4. Professional Indemnity claims;
    5. Fire and Water damage claims;
    6. Personal Accident claims;
    7. Life Insurance Policy claims;
    8. Fidelity Insurance claims;
    9. Travel Insurance claims;
    10. Burglary and Theft Policy claims; and
    11. Performance Bond recovery claims.
  4. Other areas of practice such as:
    1. Criminal Law
    2. Matrimonial Law
    3. Probate and Administration Law
    4. Syariah Law

General Insurance Practice
The General Insurance team is led by Anthony and Michael who have handled a variety of general insurance claims including professional indemnity, property & casualty, fire, contractors “All Risk”, fidelity, public liability, life, travel insurance etc. Anthony cut his teeth under the tutelage of Mr. Quentin Loh SC, now a High Court Judge. In his early years of practice, Michael understudied Mr. Choo Han Teck and Mr. Woo Bih Lih both of whom subsequently joined the bench to be High Court Judges. Anthony and Michael are ably assisted by 4 other lawyers. Among the noteworthy cases handled by this team are Stork Technology Services Asia Pte Ltd (formerly known as Eastburn Stork Pte Ltd) v First Capital Insurance Ltd [2006] SGHC 101, Jaidin bin Jaiman v Loganathan a/l Karpaya and another [2012] SGHC 199, Ma HongFei v U-Hin Manufacturing Pte Ltd and another [2009] 4 SLR(R)336, Poh Huat Heng Corp Pte Ltd and others v Hafizul Islam Kofil Uddin [2012] 3 SLR 1003, Pang Chew Kim (next of kin of Poon Wa i Tong, deceased) v Wartsilla Singapore Pte Ltd and another [2012] 1 SLR 15 and many more.

Motor Insurance Practice
The Motor Insurance team is jointly headed by Salim and Anthony who have a combined experience of more than 35 years in this area. The team comprises of 8 lawyers who serve more than 12 insurers. The motor insurance team primarily handles personal injury claims. Among the recent landmark decisions are Menjit Singh s/o Hari Singh v Ong Lay Peng [2012] SGHC 11, Jaidin bin Jaiman v Loganathan a/l Karpaya and another [2012] SGHC 199 and the Ferrari case. Essentially the main bulk of the claims involves property damage to vehicles and to some extent personal injury claims arising out of the accident where insurers instructs the firm to defend.

Workmen Injury Compensation Practice
Michael and Edwina head the Work Injury Compensation Claims team. They have considerable experience in this area of law and often are sought after by major institutions to conduct training workshops, lectures and seminars for clients’ staff to apprise them of the latest developments in the law and on landmark decisions which affect the industry as a whole.

Recovery/ADR/Criminal Law Practice
The recovery team is headed by Edwina. This team handles matters involving claims by insurers against other insurers, insured person in repudiated cases, performance bond etc. ADR, and in particular, Mediation is of special interest to Salim. Mediation is the new buzz word in ADR and is gaining prominence in Singapore and the region. As an accredited Associate Mediator of the Subordinate Courts and the Singapore Mediation Centre, he mediates at the Primary Dispute Resolution Centre of the Subordinate Courts. Apart from Mediating at the SMC, Salim also trains and assesses participants in Mediation courses conducted by the SMC. Participants usually includes trained lawyers, doctors, engineers, post graduate law students, grassroots leaders, mediators from CMC and other professionals.
Salim has 2 decades of experience in Criminal Law and sits in the Criminal Practice Committee of the Law Society. He has a special interest in persons with special needs and was invited by the Honourable Attorney General Mr. Sundaresh Menon (now the Chief Justice Menon) to sit in on a ad-hoc Committee Assisting Persons with Mental Disabilities.

ULALLC has grown in stature over the years and we strive to continue offering sound legal advice and comprehensive litigation support to our clients. We have handled several landmark cases, which are reported
in the Singapore Law Reports, that have influenced the insurance landscape in Singapore. Through the years,
we have also assisted insurers in their investigations and successfully defended against fraudulent insurance claims.

Separately, we regularly conduct seminars and work-shops related to insurance matters. We are also the main contributors to a book, Legal Aspects of Insurance, which serves as a study guide for the Diploma in General Insurance and Risk Management Programme of the Singapore College of Insurance.

In this ever changing legal landscape, we constantly strive to innovate, positioning ourselves to offer the best solution to any dispute. Our dynamic set of lawyers endows ULALLC with the ability to meet these challenges and to satisfy our clients’ legal needs.

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