Legal Aspects of Insurance. 1st Edn, 2008

ULALLC was commissioned in 2008 by the Singapore College of Insurance (SCI) to undertake the task of writing a textbook titled “Legal Aspects of Insurance” which served as a study text for the SCI Diploma in General Insurance and Risk Management programme.

Intended to provide candidates with a strong foundation of the law and legal concepts relating to insurance practice in Singapore, the first edition covers aspects of Insurance Law with an overview of the Singapore Legal System, Court Hierarchy and Doctrine of Precedent, Statutory Interpretation, Civil Procedure, Legal Personality, Law of Torts, Law of Contract, Subrogation and Contribution and Agency Law.

Legal Aspects of Insurance. 2nd Edn, 2011

In 2011, SCI approached ULALLC to update the text in light of developments in the law over the preceding 3 years. The more notable updates were in respect of the new Work Injury Compensation Act and the law impacting on Workplace Safety and Health Act, in particular the case of Chandran a/l Subbiah v Dockers Marine Pte Ltd [2009]. Other changes include Occupier’s Duty to Invitees namely the case of Heng Lee Suan v YTC Hotels Ltd (trading as Paramount Hotel) [2008], the question of trespass to persons involving assault and battery as an intentional threat of force involving the case of Amutha Vali d/o Krishnan v Titular Superior of the Redemptorist Fathers in Singapore and others [2009].

Legal Aspects of Insurance. 3rd Edn, 2012

A year later, SCI decided to widen the scope of the text. This led to a major revamp of the following chapters: Chapter 1, “The Nature and Sources of Law including characteristics of English Law”, Chapter 2, “Trade Unions and their Characteristics”, Chapter 3, “Defamation”, Chapter 7, “Who can claim on an Insurance Policy, Construction of Insurance Contracts, Measure of Indemnity, Variations in the Principle of Indemnity, Methods of Providing Indemnity, Salvage and Abandonment, Effect of Claim Payments on Policy Cover and Development of Insurance Law in Singapore,” and Chapter 8, “Basis of Contribution”.

The vast additions made to the current version of “Legal Aspects of Insurance” are aimed to assist candidates in enhancing their understanding of the law and concepts in insurance practice.

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